Hair Transplant



Research says that we spend a year and a half of our lifetime washing, brushing, cuddling or fiddling with our hair. The other less fortunate of us do not enjoy this luxury. We could, therefore, embrace the baldness or invest in a good hair transplant therapy.


With hair transplant beginning to take root in public consciousness, we are here to tell you more about it. The Follicles can stop producing hair due to several reasons like a major trauma to the skin leaving scar tissue. In another case, the follicles just stop being produced due to a hormone Dihydrotestosterone which simply interferes and switches off the follicles. This condition is called Alopecia.


Hair transplant offers a solution by transplanting not just the hair but also transplanting healthy follicles in the affected area. Medical science has moved in leaps and bounds in the last few decades and hair transplant is now a delicate and thorough procedure.


The hair transplant procedure is more art than science and it’s the job of our surgeons to ensure that the new hair blends seamlessly with the existing hair also considering the depth angle and precision. We have pioneered techniques of removing hair from different parts of the body and very selectively transplanting them on to the scalp. All the surgeries are performed under the supervision of Dr. Prajct Sao who is a certified Hair Transplant surgeon acclaimed internationally and he has successfully done over 2000 successful hair transplants to date. This procedure is medically performed with almost no scars and no downtime for recovery!


We at COZMAA follow the Follicular unit extraction which uses a punch tool to remove the individual follicular unit from the safe zones which are on the back and sides of the head. This leaves behind minor holes which are barely seen. These units are further implanted in the affected areas. The procedure is very intense and needs precision as it needs to consider close to natural density. The outcome is natural-looking hair without any scarring and side-effects. We have done transplants on young, mid-aged and even old aged people. Even if you have any health issues like hypertension, diabetes or any other complications be rest assured as we have experts who will take care of everything and not let your health affect in any way. Unlike other hair transplant clinics, we at COZMAA perform the entire procedure with the utmost care and proper medical guidelines.


Please do visit us once and let us give you the opportunity of saying, ‘Even if Life isn’t perfect, your Hair truly is’.


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