Skin & Nail Treatment


Polish and shine your skin. Get the soft supple and shiny skin back. Ask for the diamond polish to rejuvenate your skin. Go for face and back polish for that flawless look, Also take care of your fine lines and wrinkles.


Use a wide range of medical facials and face packs to rejuvenate your skin. Unwind in the ambiance and solace of a trained professional as she helps you relax and rejuvenate. Get that shine and be ready for that function.


Having difficult spots to remove on the face? Rely on advanced miso therapy to do a tough job without having to worry about side effects. Now shine and glow instantly, irrespective of skin type.


Having difficult eye pigmentation, not responding to treatments? use advance Miso eye, see it disappear in a few sessions. Tough on spots, soft on the skin.


Reverse aging and lose face and neck skin with advanced tightening treatments. Ask for tightening RF, HIFU or Micro-needling RF to do a nonsurgical face and kin lift. Get your youth and confidence back.


Use the most advanced FDA approved diode laser with patented 3 wavelengths technology, designed especially for Indian skin with superb cooling experience to remove unwanted hair. This super hair removal treatment is by far the most painless treatments available. Get your flawless skin back.

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