Patient Testimonials

Dr. Prajct Sao is very good

Dr. Prajct Sao is very good in his practice and also knows how to treat patients with lot of patience alongwith care. He also has a very good team of professionals thoroughly trained and know their craft well. Wishing him lots of success. Great work and thanks a lot.

Love Cozmaa

The doctors are professional as well as cooperative in nature. And the treatment given was well. I would definitely recommend / refer other people for this Clinic.

Thank Dr. Prajct Sao

I wanted to thank Dr. Prajct Sao & Team for helping me with the Skin Problem, Sorry I was unable to come personally to Thanks, so thought to drop a mail.

I am happy with cozmaa

I am happy with cozmaa clinic Treatment. Doctors and staff is very friendly. I like scars treatment. i get very nice result early.

It was huge discussion going for hair transplant

It was huge discussion to go for hair transplant but after coming in Cozma clinic and taking consultation with dr. at cozmaa made me comfortable about procedure . The support from staff was excellent and I am very pleased with the outcome. Result from hair transplant are slow but they made me feel very comfortable during the procedure. I definitely recommend my friends and family about Cozmaa Clinic.

The Best of Skin Rejuvenation treatment

The Best of skin rejuvenation treatment explained well. I got best of skin whitening treatment of Glutathione injection. I am recommend doctor for skin treatment.

MNRF Laser treatment

I did MNRF Laser treatment at Cozmaa Clinic and it really showed good results with deep scars in 2 sessions. Dr. Sao and his staff are helpful, professional and provides diagnosis on how to improve your skin glow n rejuvenate .. I would recommend MnRF Laser Treatment for scars and other treatments for skin glowing and skin rejuvenation. Thank you